We are now pleased to offer our clients Limited Assistance Representation in the Massachusetts Probate & Family Courts and Housing Courts. Limited assistance representation (sometimes referred to as “unbundling”) allows a lawyer and client to agree that the lawyer will assist the client with only part of a legal matter, while the client will represent himself or herself on the other aspects of the case. For example, we may may limit our services to advising you behind the scenes on court procedures, to providing assistance with document preparation, or to appearing in court on specific occasions or for limited purposes. Limited assistance representation is not for everybody nor for every case but it is an excellent solution to the crisis of affordable legal services for middle-and lower-income individuals and families in Massachusetts. Many people come to Probate and Family Court and Housing Court without an attorney, primarily because they do not qualify for free legal assistance or cannot afford to pay for full-service representation. Limited assistance representation offers many an affordable way to obtain legal services for selected aspects of their cases. If you cannot pay for it all, perhaps it is better to purchase what you can afford rather than going without. As the old saying goes, “half a loaf is better than none at all.” Ask us if this option is right for you and your case.