Here are some simple answers to frequently asked questions. They are general answers to general questions and do not constitute legal advice, which can only be provided after a full consideration of the facts of a particular case. The answering of these questions does not establish an attorney-client relationship, which may only occur after you and an attorney meet and agree upon the terms of that relationship.

How do I know if I need a lawyer?

When in doubt, check it out. A wise person recognizes that he does not know what he does not know. It is better to call us and provide an explanation of your specific problem before you take matters into your own hands. It is often less expensive and time-consuming to obtain legal advice sooner rather than later, particularly when things may become messy.

Does a law firm typically handle every area of the law?

No lawyer or law firm typically handles every area of the law. Yet, your best referral is often one given to you by a lawyer. Many of our clients are referred to us by lawyers that do not handle a specific practice area or type of case. In the same way, we will refer you to a competent attorney if your matter is outside the scope of our practice.

How do lawyers charge for their services?

Depending on the type of case, lawyers generally charge either a flat fee, a contingent fee or at an hourly rate. A flat fee is fixed for a particular type of service. For instance, the charge for most wills is at a flat fee. A contingent fee is based upon the outcome of the case and is usually a percentage of the gross amount collected or recovered. Personal injury cases are typically charged at a contingent fee. Finally, an hourly rate is charged for many types of matters. In this way, you pay only for the actual time the lawyer expends in handling your case.

What should I ask you when I come for an initial consultation?

Ask us what you can expect. Tell us the whole story and we can tell you how the process works and advise you of a particular plan or strategy. We can inform you of what you may reasonably expect for time and fees. Please remember, no one can predict the future. However, this may be your first case. It is not ours. We have been down this road many times before.